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Our 2012 litter by Ch. Chantilly The Source ex Avon Farms Winning Colors is everything we had hoped it would be.   Five out of the six in the litter are already pointed, one with a major!  

paw  Ch. Chantilly Southern State of Mind         paw  Chantilly Southern Irish Pride

         paw  Chantilly Serving It Up Southern Style


Our 2009 litter by Ch. Avon Farms Simply Irrisistabull ex Ch. Chantilly Secret Enchantment contained only two puppies.  They have done very well.

 paw  Ch. Chantilly She's Everything (Paisley)


We are thrilled with the "Charmed Ones"  litter whelped May 14, 2004 by Ch. Devlin Meadowlark's Forever ex Ch. Chantilly The Quickening.  Cole, Leo, Pooka, Josh, Wyatt and Secret finished their championships.

pawCh. Chantilly The Source (Cole)  pawCh. Chantilly Sourcer's Apprentice (Wyatt)    

paw Ch. Chantilly Secret Enchantment (Secret)  pawChantilly Rhymes With Witch (Piper) 

  pawCh. Chantilly Spellcaster  (Josh)      pawCh. Chantilly The Warlock (Leo) 

pawCh. Chantilly Witchy Woman (Pooka)


The Second Generation, the January 2000 Kids by Bailey and Alice, have done very nicely!  Five of the litter finished their championships.  

pawCh. Chantilly The Quickening         pawCh. Chantilly Pussy Galore         pawCh. Chantilly Molly McGuire

pawCh. Chantilly Never Say Never   pawCh. Chantilly Dragon Heart     


Also in residence at Chantilly, the West Coast additions to the family!

pawCh. Avon Farm Simply Irrisistabull     pawAvon Farms Winning Colors


Other members the Chantilly Family - the December 2001 Kids from the "Light" litter (by Bailey and Emmie) and the "Surprise" litter (by Greg and Dharma) - were phenominal!

pawCh. Chantilly Light Romance    paw Ch. Chantilly D'Lightful Design

pawCh. Chantilly Surprise Time     paw Ch. Chantilly Southern Surprise

paw Chantilly Surprise Kiss           paw Ch. Chantilly Ultimate Surprise


The First Generation, the "Glory" Litter from 1998, proved very successful with seven from the litter finishing their championships.  They are all waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for us to join them.    

    pawCh. Chantilly Glory Days      paw Ch. Chantilly Glory Road     paw Ch. Chantilly Southern Glory

pawCh. Chantilly Glory Rider     pawCh. Chantilly Glory Times      

paw Ch. Chantilly Glory Bea  paw Ch. Chantilly Ultimate Glory


In Memory of others waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

pawCh. Saxony's Sympatico     pawCh. Analainn Cat Dancing

pawCh. Saxony's Chevron Flight     pawCh. Meadowlark's Heaven Sent  

   pawCh. Shanaz Chuckles



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